Since 1998 DRUPET has been reprocessing APET industrial scraps. These scraps are collected from the bottle-, thermoforming- and strapping industry.
( Preforms, bottles, skeletal waste).

DRUPET offers a guaranteed collection system and competitive prices for your carefully selected – industrial – APET scraps. 

DRUPET material is also available in special qualities, e g colours, viscosity etc.

DRUPET  also provide tolling services to the entire industry.

DRUPET is also a leading distribution and trading organisation for PET Resin. 

Our logistic service provides the possibility of debagging and repacking ( big bags and/ or silos ). 

As a reliable partner, DRUPET (also) offers its customers consultation and innovative solutions for the use and recycling of APET. Being part of 4PET Holding, we benefit from the knowledge, experience, synergies and advantages within the group.

Our Materials are used for the production of bottles, sheet for the thermoforming industry, strapping, and is usable in food-packaging. We established an international customer base of manufacturers using virgin APET, near-to-prime-APET and recycled materials.